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IPL 5th Match

AUS VS WIGAN: The New Zealand National Cricket Team has begun their preparations for this summer’s summer vacation trip to the West Indies. Since last year, when cricket fans first became aware that their countryman, Associate Captain James Joyce, would be making an international comeback, there has been a lot of talk about how their team would perform against a top side like the West Indies. There have been a number of rumors flying around about who might be the team’s primary batsman, and whether or not Michael Holding will be the primary wicket keeper. Well, it appears that all of those rumors are just that. A Rumor, not a reality.


According to The Associated Press, Aussies aren’t planning to play any of the remaining four Tests in the West Indies this summer. This comes as a surprise to many fans of Aussies, especially since they have been hearing all of the speculation and talk leading up to the first test between the sides. The Australian camp hasn’t been officially confirmed that they are leaving the West Indies for this summer’s Tests, however it’s still unclear as to why exactly their players have been given the green light to travel to the West Indies without playing any of the four Tests that are scheduled for West Indies in the month of July. One possible explanation is that Joyce is suffering from a sore throat that has kept him out of the rotation for the past month.


It’s easy to see that this news isn’t good for the Aussies as a team and especially not considering the grueling three-week trip to the west Indies scheduled right after the first Test at The Barbados International Cricket Stadium in the third week of April. Even though the team was already without their most proven batsman due to Joyce’s illness, it looks like they are going to suffer another heavy blow before the end of the season. With West Indies is a one-day game, they don’t have much time to regroup and rebuild their confidence before the next season begins. If the Aussies can manage to win two games in the Caribbean in March, they will be in good shape for the start of the next season.


The other interesting development regarding the Aussies coming to the West Indies is the possibility of Associate cricket teams taking part in the Tests. Twenty-eight countries are currently offering cricket leagues to the wider world and a lot of them have invited teams for upcoming international tournaments. Australia is one of those countries and in addition to the four Tests against England, they will also face a tough opponent in India, who are currently ranked number three in the world. With all of these potential problems facing the Aussies, the idea of joining other cricket nations could become a little bit appealing to the squad. This doesn’t mean that the players will suddenly throw away their international careers, but there is a chance that some of them may decide to try something else once their career in Australia comes to an end.


The West Indies Cricket Association is the governing body for cricket in the West Indies and it is currently holding a meeting in Durban, South Africa. The main topic of discussion at this meeting is the possibility of a global cricket team being formed to play a regular part in the world cup. Cricket is one of the most popular sports in the world and it only seems natural that countries with a strong cricket team would want to participate in the world cup once every four years. If Australia can qualify for a world cup as well as qualify for a homecoming match against England in the United States, it could be a lucrative opportunity for them to join a world league.


Cricket has been played between Australia and West Indies since the mid-nineteenth century but a switch to a three-match one-day game would surely bring a new resurgence in the game. Cricket world cup teams have qualified for the last fifteen World Cups and that criterion of qualifying is difficult to surpass for any Aussies who are keen to represent their country in the top tier of cricket. Winning a three-match tournament would certainly provide a welcome boost to the confidence of any Aussie cricketer and a chance to raise the cricketing world cup in a memorable fashion.


As mentioned above, the WICCA has scheduled a meeting in Durban, South Africa during the second week of April to discuss the prospect of a three-match cricket tournament which would see Australia take on West Indies in the first round and then play the second and third Tests against the tourists from the West Indies. Cricket fans all over the world will be anxiously awaiting the first Test between the two teams and if the conditions are good on the ground then there is a good chance that Australia will win by a comfortable margin. However, even a victory will not be enough to ease the pressure of a huge crowd and pressure is something which can not be easily eased even after a comfortable win by Australia.


Right now, Australia has the confidence of needing only a victory against a top side to secure fourth place in a three-way Test series and although they have this opportunity to take fourth position, a defeat in the first or second Test would see them slipping down the rankings and slipping into the shadow of the other survivors of the IPL tournament. However, a draw against the West Indies would put them into a much stronger position and give them a better chance to win four matches in a row and consolidate their lead at the top of the IPL ladder. Although, with IPL 5, it would be easy for the IPL’s runners to lose their foothold on the ladder, a win against a quality opponent such as West Indies can help push Australia up to a respectable position. With all these advantages, I believe that Australia Vs West Indies is a match which should be considered seriously by all cricket fans.

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