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I Don’t Think That the Irish Will Take Another T20I Against the West Indies

The ongoing four-day International Cricket Council (ICC) World Cup matches between Ireland and South Africa has kicked off with a bang. Both teams are going all out for victory. The first ODI against Ireland has started at The Vat Stadium, Eden Park, Mumbai in only three days. The match is scheduled for kick off at 7:00 pm IST on Saturday July 12 and end at 3:00 pm IST on Sunday, July 13.


The four-day match between Ireland and South Africa has been made even more exciting with some interesting matches taking place between the two sides. Already it’s been decided that Ireland would win the four-day tournament by a huge margin. The world cup matches between Ireland and the West Indies in June this year will definitely be an exciting affair. The two teams are yet to face each other in any part of the world during the current calendar year.


Now, the World Cup dates have been set. The two matches will take place in the month of June/July. It will definitely be great to see the two sides battle out a hard-fought affair. However, the two teams may not be at their top-best because they haven’t been able to win many games during this season. In addition to that, the recent reverses to Ireland’s cricketing fortunes have taken their toll.


As per the confirmations, the third ODI between Ireland and the West Indies was postponed due to bad weather conditions in the coastal town of Clifton, Jamaica. Earlier in the day, officials confirmed that a storm was responsible for the postponement. Earlier, the officials had declared a light fall of the barometer over the Clifton area, which resulted in lightening the skies. It has also been confirmed that the forecast predicted by experts, said that the possibility of a wet and rainy season is there.


The next scheduled Ireland vs South Africa clash are scheduled for the second Odi season. This is sure to be an exciting game to watch. It will definitely be an amazing encounter as both the sides have many strong cricketing players with them. Both teams have a lot of momentum behind them due to the impressive performances by their players during the IPL.


This is also the first Test match that will take place between the two countries in over a year. Given the poor showings by the West Indies team during their last series matches against Ireland, the Irish fans definitely want this to be a positive affair. With many strong players from both sides expected to play in the two Ireland vs South Africa matches, I feel that this Test match can be quite a good one. Given the conditions in the lead up to this Test match, I believe it is quite possible that Ireland can win this one comfortably.


There are a number of different things that I think have to be taken into consideration for me to come to a positive conclusion as to whether I believe that I have a greater chance of winning the Ireland v South Africa match. For one thing, given the recent reverses that have been suffered by the Springboks, I feel that the Springboks will have a greater need to get results over the Australia or New Zealand teams when playing at the Wanderers Stadium. This is because they have only won one out of five matches in the entire series so far. Also, given the poor showing from the Springboks in their previous matches, I believe that there is going to be a major overhaul in their selection policy. Hopefully, this will mean that the Springboks will be more focused on coming out and winning this second t20i series.


In terms of the statistics that I have access to, I would say that I think that it is fairly even. I also think that the West Indies won the toss and elected to field their best players, which is probably a good decision. The two teams have excellent cricketing talent so I am expecting a great performance from the respective teams. The overall match statistics don’t look too good for the Ireland side though. So I guess we will just have to wait and see. I hope that I have helped you make an informed decision.

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