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I Remember Much More About the Last Match of the IPL Series

You may have been asking yourself “How important is Irish vs South Africa cricket match?” Well, I have no doubt that this is going to be a very important game for Irish fans and viewers all over the World. Ireland have never beaten South Africa in Twenty20s. I don’t think there will ever be a point in my life where I will remember any of my favourite players playing against the Springboks, but I will always remember the two memorable falls in a world cup final, in Cape Town in 2021. The last thing I want is a repeat of that!


The teams are both evenly matched in all aspects, strength of pace, skill, strength of defence and scrumhalves. It is a true battle between two evenly matched teams. So how is a match like this, an Ireland vs south Africa one of the series, going to be a success?


Well, to start with, I’m going to predict a tight win by Ireland against their neighbours from the southern side of the globe. They have tried very hard to win this fixture, perhaps due to the pressure of the 2nd ODI series. If they can get over the first game and win by at least a few runs I believe they will go to the eliminator stage easily. I expect a good win for the home side but I do expect some outstanding bowling from the Springboks.


So how is this match going to be exciting for the fans? Well for one thing I expect a great level of cricketing skill form both teams. Both batsmen have displayed their ability to score runs and take wickets. For me it will be a toss up on which team will win the series. I would say that if I had to choose between these two teams I would choose South Africa although I think Ireland have the better players.


The first ODI against the Springboks was an aggressive match and it certainly felt that way on the surface. There was a lot of running around and I’m sure that both sides were well aware that this was their first ever World Cup warm-up game. There were several times when I almost thought that one team may have done themselves a favor by getting a wicket. It’s quite tough for teams to win a match when playing against a top-rate outfit like the Springboks especially when their all-rounders are as good as any. Although Ireland did put on a good performance and won the first ODI against South Africa, there is no doubt that this is going to be a tight match.


The first ODI was played in Harare and it went according to plan with Sevan Muniz hitting the top-drive and Mahela booking their first ODI centuries. However, it was not to be and that lead changed the complexion of the match completely. With six overs left Muniz was stumped again and this time it was the hosts who had the advantage as they added three more runs. This time it was the batsmen who got the wickets as Mahela took two more wickets to end with a hundred and two runs from eight overs.


That lead definitely boosted the morale of the Ireland side who were suddenly jolted by the reverses. However, despite the loss, the confidence of the side remained high and they were able to win the next two matches easily. With bat and ball are the key weapons in their arsenal, Ireland seemed to have the right balance between bat and ball in their hands. During the four subsequent matches against the South Africa A team and then the world champions, Ireland was able to win all four matches by large margins.


It may not have been easy for the Irish to win the ODI series but it has to be said that their overall performance has impressed many onlookers. Ireland’s fielding capabilities have also been commendable, which is not something that can be said about the other two teams. Overall, the performance of the Ireland side has given a positive vibe to the fans who are optimistic of a bright future for the island nation. However, if any team wants to get ahead in any international scenario they need to win against the top ranked team in the world, especially against the immensely popular south Africans. For this reason I believe that Ireland has a great chance to go all the way to the finals of the ODI and be able to face off against the all time greats of the game like Tendulkar and Mushy for a chance at redemption.

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