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Australia v West Indies – Wi vs AUS T20 – Preview

In this article I’m going to try and explain which is better – wi vs aus. When discussing international cricket, there are three differing nations that compete for the right to represent the country. Cricket fans all over the world have their own preference when it comes to their teams and when deciding who they support and why. I believe that the popularity of both cricket teams (Auckland and New Zealand) are proportional to their level of international cricketing success, and based on this information it would be fair to say that the competition is fairly even.


On the international front, Australia have traditionally been considered the top side, but have recently been losing some of their top players like James Anderson and Steve Smith. They haven’t been able to sustain their success for long enough to challenge the batsmen of New Zealand and will be missing top player Kevin Pietri, who is now with New Zealand. In contrast, the Aussies have a number of top class batsmen such as pacemen Matthew Wade, Mark Wood and Steve Smith who have not experienced the same kind of recent decline in form. Australia has enjoyed a good run in the past two years, but their overall performance has not been as consistent as they would have liked.


When discussing which team will win the first test against the West Indies, there will be a clear winner. It is widely accepted that the match is one which Australia cannot win without the services of Michael van Zuiden, but I do feel that they have underestimated the ability of the batsmen of New Zealand. In my opinion, there will be another half century between the two teams before Australia can comfortably call themselves world champions. The last thing the tourists want is to be within shouting distance of the World cup quarter-finals.


The two Test matches which Australia won against the West Indies at the Waca Park in Christchurch in November last year are widely considered to be the highlight of the summer for the Aussies. Although the results of this Test series were less than stellar, many believe that it provided the Aussies with a much needed boost of confidence in their performances. Many people also cite the way that the batsmen handled the pressure of playing in the IPL, which took them closer to the success they craved for last year. All in all, both cricket fans and professional cricket analysts agree that the first Test against the West Indies was a very satisfying performance by both sides.


However, it was the result of this first test that confirmed the greatness of Australia as a team and as a cricketing nation. Now, as the West Indies series approaches it is interesting to see which team will emerge victorious from the Test series. In fact, many feel that this is probably the most difficult Test series that the Aussies will have to go through. As many who have watched the Aussies play in the past say, “it is not just a matter of the bounce, but it is a matter of control that goes down well with the bat and ball.” This is the major difference in this first Test against West Indies.


Although there is no real way to make sense of the match as we stand today, it is easy to see the positive spin the Aussies are getting from their Twenty20I international. Obviously, there has been plenty of planning and research that have gone into this match – both on the playing surface and off it. It is also fair to say that the weather conditions played a major role in this Test series win. With a wet and humid evening in Dunedin, it was no surprise that the Aussies were able to bat and pick up plenty ticks.


Of course, there is also plenty of positives for the tourists. After all, with the number of matches that these two teams have played against each other already, it would be unfair to suggest that this New Zealand side lack in any way. If anything, the tourists should be pleased with how they held their own against the all-performing West Indies batsmen. On the other hand, the loss of Alzara Butterer to injury and the revelation that opener Alzara Mohammed has been stood down due to personal reasons leaves the New Zealand team without a genuine number three batsman.


The overall game figures are a clear indication of what to expect on the day when the teams play each other in Dunedin. The scores indicate that both sides have quality players, but it is probably the All Blacks who are most comfortable in the top four positions. The tourists may find that the all-weather conditions do not favour their cause. In fact, both sides are known to have suffered heavy losses recently, which does little to ease the pressure on coach Mike Brecon. As the Dunedin incident demonstrated, a win over the world champions would give New Zealand confidence in their ability to defeat world ranked teams; this is the hope that the inexperienced players on the left side must cling to.

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